My first Prose re the Blue Brand: The Hotwheels Premium Ford Transit Supervan is Doing Well.

Well, this is my first prose regarding to the Blue Brand.  I am a pure Matchbox toys collector and I always avoid buying Hotwheels to show my loyalty to the Orange Brand.  But this time, I should say the Blue’s Premium Ford Transit Supervan is really excellent.  And the Orange buddy might be hard to keep up with it in contrast with its current childish designs.  Moreover, the Ford Transit Supervan is a very good replica which will certainly be a great addition to the Matchbox Ford Transit family ever since the Lesney era.  It’s a shame that Matchbox has not even thought about it leaving the great idea to the Blue Brand.  Now, I am hesitating to pick up this great Blue model.  But deeply in my soul, I really hope that is made by Matchbox, and I will always love to see it!

The following three pictures are from the Lamely Group. Thank you!





Let’s go back to see some of my Matchbox Transit collections.  You might amazingly find how lazy the Mattel Matchbox is and what a healthy cash cow the Ford Transit is!



You won’t be crazy to see after the successful Ford Transit (4th generation – MB281) , Mattel Matchbox has just replacing the roof lights and putting them in various 5-packs, multipacks or action launcher sets.  Those hard-to-find new numbers – i.e. MB472, MB554 were even sold in limited regions, though the differences are merely decals and roof lights.





The recent new Ford Transit of Matchbox is this 7th generation MB693, however, it was soon faded out by the return of MB848 with a new light bar on top.


Even with the new light bar, the Transit is still hard to see in the basic line of Matchbox.  Here comes a quick question – when shall we see them again or shall we permanently see them only in the Blue Brand community?


Let’s wait and see!